Fun Distractions During Divorce

You need to be distracted! We mean it. You cannot think about your divorce day and night. It will disrupt your work, sleep, and maybe even your stomach. Exercise, reading, music, hiking, yoga, swimming, knitting, bridge, poker, backgammon, chess, painting, travel, playing the piano, visiting museums, surfing the internet...and the list goes on. Pick a healthy activity and plunge into it during your spare time.

This month we’ll explore a good distraction that’s been made easier with computers, cable TV, online movies and all the other resources available to access: MOVIES.

So, if you’re looking for fun movies that reinforce friendship and bonding, here are our five picks:

1. Bridesmaids: Laugh and sigh with the ups and downs of the bride to be and her best friend who is having some life issues.
2. Steel Magnolias: Gals in a small southern town are there for each other through thick and thin.
3. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion: Two loveable blondes go to their high school reunion and try for some payback.
4. Nine to Five: Three working women bond to show the boss who is really boss.
5. Waiting to Exhale: Four friends support each other through marriage, divorce, cheating and heartbreak.

If you’re looking for smart romance how about these five (pardon the Cary Grant bias!):

1. The Apartment: Can there ever be a happy ending when you’re the other woman?
2.Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Audrey Hepburn will sweep you into her sad and sweet world.
3. To Catch a Thief: Grace Kelly and Cary Grant make a gorgeous couple in this movie that combines romance and mystery perfectly.
4. Charade: More romance and mystery blended wonderfully but this time Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.
5. The African Queen: On a river boat in the middle of Africa, Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn teach us about love in a most unique way and setting.

If you’re looking for just some great action that will distract, amaze and thrill, try these five:

1. The Godfather (of course!): It’s a movie you can’t refuse.
2. The Great Escape: A WWII prisoner of war camp with an assortment of soldiers who are digging their way out. You will hold your breath to the end.
3. The Magnificent Seven: Heroism, a rescue and a western at its best.
4. Dirty Harry: If you like Clint Eastwood, this will make your day.
5. Donnie Brasco: Johnny Depp as an FBI undercover agent who finds life getting increasingly complicated.

Or if you just want the greatest of mystery and suspense: 

1. Laura: A hard boiled NYC detective attempts to solve a murder that is different than what it appears.
2. The Third Man: Post war Vienna serves as the background for this brilliant adaptation of the Graham Greene novel about intrigue and mystery.
3. Body Heat: The sex and the mystery here are equally steamy.
4. Sunset Boulevard: A dark film about Tinseltown, writers, actresses and endings.
5. The Usual Suspects: A complex and highly intelligent old fashioned puzzle story