About the Book


Divorce For Richer or Poorer
by attorneys Susan T. Goldstein and Valerie H. Colb

Divorce For Richer or Poorer is the most informative and easy to read book I’ve ever seen on the subject. I wish this book had been around during my divorce.”
   —Loni Anderson

A reality for half of America’s married couples today is that they will ultimately be divorced. Never easy, divorce often creates an avalanche of emotional, financial and legal problems for the participant. Many books on divorce deal with these issues... but none of them deal with them all.

Divorce For Richer or Poorer is the first book of its kind. In one book, all of the multitude of issues that can frustrate and pain anyone going through the divorce process are addressed in a way that’s easy to understand. Susan and Valerie use no complex legal or financial jargon. The format allows readers to quickly find answers to any issue. Moreover, the authors have experienced divorce in all of its manifestations. Both Susan and Valerie, for 30+ years, practiced family law in Los Angeles, California, America’s unofficial divorce capital. Susan and Valerie bring reason, humor and sanity to this difficult and emotional topic.

Divorce For Richer or Poorer includes: 

  • Devising an overall strategy
  • Taking financial precautions
  • How to prepare oneself and family members for divorce
  • How to choose a lawyer
  • Dealing with insurance, bank accounts and taxes
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Coping with custody issues and protecting your children
  • Managing one’s health and anger
  • The pros and cons of mediating a divorce
  • How to protect yourself and keep your sanity
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Common misconceptions about divorce and pitfalls to avoid
  • Preparing for after divorce

Divorce For Richer or Poorer is a roadmap for navigating the dangerous and depressing highways and byways of divorce, charting the psychological as well as the legal terrain.”
   —Leslie H. Abramson, Esq.

“The advice contained in Divorce for Richer or Poorer is not only smart and protective, but supportive and caring. It provides an invaluable service. It shows how to most effectively spend your money to resolve your divorce efficiently. It illustrates that divorce has predictable steps and stages, doable in small bites. But most importantly, it teaches that the smart and sane road to divorce is the antidote to anxiety and sadness.”
   —The Honorable Isabel Cohen, Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Retired), now engaged in private dispute resolution